Also called Bombay, Mumbai “the city of dreams” enhanced with various social unfathomability, rich history, and brilliant past, that never frustrates a craving for new experiences. Mumbai, the city loaded with visionaries, craftsmen, epicureans, and style aficionados has its own assertion of notoriety and fascination. Regardless of being one of the busiest city, Mumbai has the pith that constrains you to get the town remembered for your movement schedule. It’s not possible for anyone to deny the way that Mumbai’s allure is charmed by its radiant excursions, dazzling beaches, thundering waterways, astoundingly excellent structures, and the fragrance of newly cooked road food sources, which are its social joys. With the jovial Air Quality Index, Mumbai has its own enticing smell that pulls in sightseers from various countries and demonstrates be to paradise for them. We present you a curated rundown of spots to visit when you are in the “Sapno ki Nagri” Aamchi Mumbai.

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